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Gloria Williams said:   July 22, 2013 1:40 am PST
Hi Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow. Let me say keep up the good work of educating us on good hair care practices and all the usfeful information given. I attended your seminar on 20th July 2013 and left there feeling excited and empowered. I purchased some of your products and already my hair feels so different, so alive and so soft.

Sonia Gray said:   July 21, 2013 7:38 am PST
Hello Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow Just to say that I have found your Hair Seminar on the Saturday 20th July 2013 very helpful and informative, keep up the good work. I will tell my friends and family about your Seminars. Please keep me informed.

Natasha said:   July 19, 2013 5:24 am PST
These Seminars are so informative and fantastic

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