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Jerome Blaka said:   July 22, 2016 7:16 am PST
Hello hair today and hair tomorrow, you may or may not remember me but I have spoken to one if you representatives, I explain to him the problems I'm facing with my locs and due to the nature of my job as a Bus driver time for me is never enough as early starts, late finish and never enough rest are my regular problems. Your rep recommended that I should used your shampoo, conditioner and the Nubian Love product, now I am a very happy man as the combination and recommendation is working perfectly for me this is exactly what I have been looking for all along. Now all my hair issues a thing of the past and my locs are looking loclusterous. Once more many thanks to you all very much for what you're all doing keep up the good works.

Marlene Alexzandra said:   June 29, 2016 9:05 am PST
Hi, Hair today and hair tomorrow team. I take this time out to say congratulation on what you are all doing. I am happy to report that your advice, help and support that I have received from the team is outstanding not to mention your follow up on my progress. A special thank to Natasha who very honest with me after and during the 1 to 1 meeting after my chemotherapy. I was so worried that my hair would not have grown back but I was so wrong. After following your advice Natasha and using the hair products that you have recommend I am HAPPY to report that I now have a full head of hair all of the hair lost patches completely recovered. My friends and family is amazed of the result even my GP as no one expect my hair to recovered so quickly. I have now thrown away the wigs that I have been using as I'm now sporting my natural hair which I haven't seen in over 18 years. I have told all my friends and also the ladies that I come in contact with while I was going through my sickness and recovery period and I will continue spreading the news as I'm overwhelmed with the outstanding results I have. Thank you all very Much. Marlene

Rasta Simone said:   April 23, 2014 3:04 pm PST
I take this time out to give you positive feed back on your products. I have been wearing lox for 15 years now and I have tried many different hair products but none of them really work for me as well your Natural hair products. I have purchase your full products range since my friend Karen who have attend your Event told me how your products help with her Alopecia and she swears by them and I do too because of my experience with them. the "Nubian Love" fits perfectly in my hand bag and I take it with me every where I go, your "Cares my Ends" does exalty what it said on the container. I will see you at the next Event and I am taking some friends and family members with me to. Thank you Hair today and Hair Tomorrow.

Kesandra Walker said:   January 23, 2014 4:02 am PST
Just to keep you posted. A year ago I have been to your event as I was having problems with my hair breaking it was dry and was ever so hard to manage not to mention my hair line that was on lost. I'm proud to report to you that your products that I have purchase does the job for my as my hair is now Bra strap length and looking really that all my friends are shock to see the result. I have giving your details to my friend Samantha and she will be attending the Event on Saturday the 25th of January, she will be booking a 1-2-1 with you as she is having some problems with her hair and need your direct attention, I have told her about my 1-2-1 with you and she is convince that she wanted to speak to you privately so that you can help her. I'm on what's app so you can have a look at my profile picture and see the result of your help. Thank you much Hair today and hair tomorrow for all your help as now I'm in love with my hair and I have BIN all my WIGS.

Nicole Williams said:   November 8, 2013 4:35 pm PST
I just wanted to say Thank you to Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow for helping me on my natural hair care journey. You have made it very motivating and interesting whilst helping me to grow my hair to unbelievable lengths. I'm a 14 year old Teenager who has now mastered the skills to growing luscious thick curly hair and I encourage my friends to do the same. My hair is now bra strap length (Yes, I am all Black!), whereas before I knew about Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow it was very dry and bushy and never seemed to grow past my shoulder, which made me want to perm it. This is why i'm so grateful that Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow exists because it educated me on the dangers of perms and helped me realise that my Natural hair can be easy to manage, soft, long, beautiful and versatile. So if you are struggling to maintain your hair , then come and find out the SECRETS to long healthy hair, just like I did.

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