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About Us


Hi… My name is Natasha Sutherland, the Founder of Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow
TM. This Company was born out of personal experiences that damaged my hair, forcing me to research and learn how to take the best care of my natural hair. All the enthusiasm I had and all the knowledge I acquired over a few years, gave me the zeal to start a business that provides awareness, essential information and teachings where I could share my findings and Empower, Educate and Encourage women with either Curly or Kinky hair on how to embrace their natural hair with good hair care practices, information, disciplines and techniques. Due to limited resourced information in the UK, unlike the USA, it was time for the truth to be unveiled to a population of women that desperately needed it. 

Our name says it all and our teaching methods guarantees you Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow, (not hair today and gone tomorrow!) which is what tends to happen to women due to bad hair care practices and wrong choices. 

Due to neglect and bad hair habits formed over many, many years, it can be difficult for some women to come to terms with the obvious fact that they need help with their hair. Yet many are still in denial and choose to hide patches, breakage and receding hairlines under wigs, weaves and braids by covering up, instead of treating and dealing with the problem. 

I must emphasise that there is nothing wrong with wearing fake hair, as we are living in a world where a women’s image is one of her biggest statements. Hence very little care is awarded to the real hair that is actually growing out of her scalp. This has to change.

It's upsetting to hear or read about the sad hair experiences many women of colour have had due to lack of knowledge and understanding. At Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow, we focus on our me
thod statement, which is to educate, be honest and genuine to all of our clients and have the best interest of their hair at heart.

We strive on the progress and testimonies of our clients and always follow up on their Hair journey's. Our team strongly believe that knowledge is power and this is what we impart to everyone who attends our Events, Seminars and Workshops that they can make better hair choices. This helps us to break the cycle of bad hair practices and prevents the up and coming generations from having to go through the same awful experiences as the older folk. It also aids in dispelling myths and puts a stop to the horrifying hair stories we keep hearing about. 
Part of our Vision is to bring back the love to our natural hair and break the colonial spell that has plagued us for centuries resulting to the many horrible experiences such as breakage, ailing hairlines, patches and extremely dry and coarse brittle hair to our curly and kinky tresses.

We encourage you to visit one of our Hair Events, come with an open mind to grasp information from various topics that will be covered. 
Our Events dispel hair myths and give you nothing but the facts about your hair so forget everything that you have been told about hair because you will leave the Seminar Enriched, Empowered and fully Equipped to take on your natural hair journey. This is a Fact! "Natural hair does not have to look dull, dry and unattractive", with the correct application of natural products and also the correct method of manipulation, it will make dry and dull looking hair a thing of the past.

At the Event we cover a whole host of topics such as hair breakage, split ends and the cause of it, hairline loss, traction alopecia, dry brittle hair, dealing with best practices for gray hair techniques, how to transition from relaxers back to natural hair, how to grow your hair to an incredible 6 inches each year and much more. Knowledge is power, so once you have a renewed relationship with your hair you can apply the best hair care practices. It is now time for women with curly and kinky hair to be proud of their Natural hair and be confident to show the true you. I personally guarantee that my hair care methods really work and suit all ages, all types of curly and kinky hair and most importantly have been tried, tested and proven.

Natural Hair is not to be hidden in shame or stereo typed as hard to manage, ugly or treated as though it cannot be styled!!!  As these statements are all false. Start a new chapter in your hair life today as your natural beauty is in your hair and no wig, hairpiece or weave can challenge that.

We all have choices on how we wear our hair, be it natural or not, but one thing I will leave with you is that as the saying goes, ‘You never know what you've got until it's gone‘, with Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow that will never be the case! As our Events and Workshops will Empower, Educate, and Encourage you.